About Us

SBaseTech provides superior IT services to the global clients with 99% success ratio and 100% client satisfaction. We cover a wide range of IT services such as Artificial Intelligence, AWS, Big Data, Java .Net, Data Science, Machine Learning, DevOps, Hadoop, and Selenium. We also offer Custom Enterprise Applications, Communication Solutions, Staffing, and Office 365 migration services to the businesses. With an experience of worthy 10 years, we are capable to provide the services & solutions that can generate higher productivity and profits to our clientele.


We majorly focus on:


While we need to develop our organization and be successful, we generally endeavor to do “the correct thing” by our employees and our customers. We have seen excessively numerous cases where vendors show attention to making a quick buck. But this can lead to nowhere except in taking wrong decisions and chaos in the organization. We basically won’t do that.


One sign of our prosperity up to this point has been our capacity to be adaptable and convey benefits in the way that makes the most sense for our customers. While we have “standard” methods for getting things done, we can adjust to various methodologies and styles as required. This adaptability has enabled us to help diverse customers extending from the public and privately owned businesses.


The individual who creates the best outcomes ought to be rewarded the most. It shouldn’t make any difference whether that individual is a man or woman, what nation they originate from or what color their skin might be. At SBaseTech, we endeavor to enlist the best individuals for ourselves and to our customers.