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Know three forms of Clouds services: Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds
By sbase In Office 365 Posted July 3, 2017 0 Comments
Cloud computing has been divided into three services depending on the type of data that users depend on to complete their tasks. These three forms of cloud services are called as public, private and hybrid clouds.   All the above three cloud services are differentiated in terms of different aspects such as management requirements or […]
Key Points to Consider While Migrating to Microsoft’s Office 365
By sbase In Office 365 Posted June 13, 2017 0 Comments
Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly popular to migrate from existing solution to Office 365 among the organizations irrespective of its sizes that include both the large and small. If you too on this way then here are the key points to consider while migrating to Microsoft’s Office 365. The positive side of switching from existing environment […]
Top Four Services that Office 365 offers your Business
By sbase In Office 365 Posted May 12, 2017 0 Comments
Here are the five good reasons to upgrade your business to Office 365, if you are among those people who still didn’t upgrade yet. Following are the top four services that Office 365 offers your business. Smooth Coordination with the Familiar Tools Office 365 works smoothly and flawlessly with the applications such as Outlook, Word, […]
Advantages of Office 365 for Businesses
By sbase In Office 365 Posted May 4, 2017 0 Comments
Most of the organizations have already upgraded to Microsoft Office 365, unfortunately, if your business hasn’t been moved to it then below are few advantages of Office 365 for business brings to you. Hassle-free Coordination with the Familiar Tools Microsoft Office 365 runs smoothly with the programs which you are very familiar already, that include […]
Boost Your Organization’s ROI with Office 365
By sbase In Office 365 Posted April 14, 2017 0 Comments
If you are wishing to bring out the most from the fastest growing cloud productivity application Office 365, you will need professional tips and guidance to know how to expend resources while maximizing return on your investment. Below are some of the advantages of using Office 365 suite in your business organization and boost your […]
Office 365 Services Features
By sbase In Office 365 Posted March 31, 2017 0 Comments
While choosing a right cloud service provider of Office 365 services for your businesses make sure to be cautious that not all the cloud service providers in the industry are same. Picking the right cloud service provider for your organization is vital to reap the benefits. Before subscribing any office 365 packages from the cloud […]
Office 365 Support Services for Enterprises
By sbase In Office 365 Posted February 17, 2017 0 Comments
Microsoft Office 365 Support services provide a revolutionary way for the business organizations to take benefits of the Microsoft applications. Irrespective of the organization’s size, Microsoft Office 365 delivers the power of cloud productivity as well as assists in saving worthy time and valuable money. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to handle a computer […]
Nuts and bolts of Office 365 Migration
By sbase In Office 365 Posted January 13, 2017 0 Comments
If you are the one who is looking to switch your current setup to Office 365 then this article will definitely assist you in making your work easier. We are providing a guide to Office 365 migration so that you can aware about the nuts and bolts of migration which includes what are the important […]
How can Apps for Office 365 help your business grow?
By sbase In Office 365 Posted October 13, 2016 0 Comments
​Organizations use the latest technologies to grow their businesses gradually and strategically, which in turn helps them to work together and partner at other locations. In order to use this processes, businesses across the globe have been using the apps of Office 365 that are specifically developed with improved versions of Excel, Word and PowerPoint […]
Skype and Skype for Business: What’s the difference?
By sbase In Office 365 Posted September 30, 2016 0 Comments
Does your business use Skype? Skype is one of the easiest and better ways to communicate with people. In another way, it is also a great way for companies to hold meetings and some companies prefer to conduct job interviews using Skype. But did you know that there is a new Skype tool out there […]
Move to Office 365, Propel Business Growth
By sbase In Office 365 Posted September 23, 2016 0 Comments
Technology is a game-changer for many businesses. In the world of internet and connectivity, technology assumes paramount importance and plays a vital role in business success. Businesses are keen to embrace latest technologies to make processes easier, work simpler and end results achievable. With Microsoft Office 365 already in market, it’s worth exploring its power […]
5 SharePoint Online Services on Office 365
By sbase In Office 365 Posted September 23, 2016 0 Comments
Microsoft offers SharePoint Online as part of the Office 365 productivity suite. Employees can use this cloud hub for various purposes. Microsoft describes SP Online as a managed collaboration solution that can be used to quickly locate organizational resources, manage content and workflow, search for experts and corporate information and derive intelligence for appropriate decision […]