We follow a step-by-step approach for each type of service. To deploy Office 365 service successfully, it is quite necessary to set the objectives and timelines. While installing a service, we collaborate with the customer’s technical team and strive to outline the basic objectives of the business. During this process, our team of business analysts works shoulder-to-shoulder with the customer’s technical and business professionals and try to evaluate the needs of the business. This approach helps us plan a strategy that not only set up a favorable cloud infrastructure for the customer’s business but also provide a competitive advantage to the customer.

Industry Expertise:

For every project, we use our extensive knowledge, expertise and resources in the direction of customer’s progress so that their business should easily adopt the changing trends and latest technology.

  • Our consulting team helps you select the right technology that compliments your business needs
  • We help you select the right infrastructure based on the size and status of your business.
  • We will help you plan the future road-map based on the changing needs and goals of the business.


In this phase, we help you plan and follow a strategic approach. Whether it is a short or long term goal, SBase assists you in planning the resources and infrastructure requirements matching the pace of your business growth.

  • Collaborative approach for outlining short or long-term goals.
  • Strategic planning as per the current status of business needs.
  • Streamlining the resources to meet short and long-term goals.