Communication Platform

SBaseTech offers the best cloud-based business communication solutions that are highly secure, flexible and affordable.

The solutions offer VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services that allow users to make and receive calls and text messages using VoIP technology from different locations, hence maximizing its value for the global businesses.

Using our communication solutions, a business can hugely cut-down their phone bills and allow employees to work from anywhere as our powerful solution supports tablet and smartphone apart from desktops.

There is nothing that stops businesses to yield more productivity when they use our robust communication platform. We are constantly innovating the platform with new features that help our clientele business in getting more productivity and reduces costs on maintenance.


Why Choose Our Communication Solutions

In the hectic schedule, making a task conveniently is nothing less to a luxury. With VoIP, users can track their call activity and view billing information.



We protect your communications over the entire transmission journey. Each and every communication travels through the layers of authentication, connecting directly to established carrier lines.


Cut-down Costs

Businesses can cut down a huge amount of money on their monthly phone service by dropping traditional phone service and switching to VoIP.