In this phase, we formulate complete analysis into a design. Our technical experts and team of business analysts put their extensive knowledge in designing specifications necessary for deploying an infrastructure that meets the needs of your business. The specifications outlined during the design phase acts like a blueprint. It helps customers leverage the latest technology and evaluate capabilities of the solution. The design phase actually shows how Microsoft Office 365 will be deployed and operated in a real-time environment. We follow an iterative method to ensure appropriateness of the system infrastructure and make sure final product meets the needs of your business.

Infrastructure Design:

We design all the requirements of a business in a systematic order presenting a clear view of the business needs that may help in transforming the infrastructure suitable to the business.

  • A comprehensive design solution that helps you evaluate specifications necessary for adopting a new environment.
  • A clear blueprint of how an environment may operate after implementation.
  • Complete traceability and improvised facility to meet actual requirements of a business.

System Test Plan:

SBase follows well-defined testing procedures and methodologies to ensure the world-class application control requirements.

  • Detailed validation and verification test plan.
  • Iterative driven test methodology.
  • Fully controlled life-cycle management.