Execute phase is where analysis and design data takes shape. It is a doing phase where resources necessary to implement the product will be brought together. SBase technicians and professionals makes sure to bring the product up and running in time. Our technical experts set up infrastructure, network administrators configure network components and database administrators build data storage. As a result of team work, the project becomes visible to the customer.

Integration Process:

We have a dedicated, well-qualified and experienced professionals who will assemble all the operational modules and integrate it with the required applications as per the needs of the business.

  • High-level integration of modules that complement the best in class cloud infrastructure.
  • Unmatched technical, networking and database implementation support.
  • Strong software integration and deployment service.

Testing Environment:

We use an array of testing methodologies on deployed environment.  We test the environment on every critical issue that may stop the ongoing functions of business.

We perform:

  • Acceptance test
  • Load and stress test
  • Compatibility and security test
  • Alpha and beta test.