Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Sbase provides Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) as a service. It is the Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud solution for the challenges found from the consumerization of IT and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

EMS is comprised of multiple services and tools that can be customized to meet the business needs of your organization. In a cloud-first, mobile-first, world users expect to be productive from anywhere and on any device.

Most organizations are going through a digital transformation to protect themselves from new threats and challenges.

Businesses or individuals can manage applications, devices, information, and content, all from the administrative console of Configuration Manager when using the enterprise mobility management components.

Organizations can apply a possible range of policies to a device, depending upon the setting available to a specific operating system and on the APIs using device management front. For instance, one can enforce device encryption, deploy Wireless Fidelity, virtual private network profiles and configure emails.

In addition, users can lock a device remotely; and can wipe out all data from the device or could selectively wipe the business data, applications, management policies and data.

Enterprise Mobility Management supports mobile app management by offering self-service portals, so one can view company applications and has a portability to install those on their devices.

With EMS, it’s the time to say “goodbye” to the traditional security solutions.

Features of Microsoft EMS

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium delivers multi-factor authentication; access control based on device health, user
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics helps extend the visibility, auditing, and control you have on-premises to your
  • Azure Information Protection provides persistent data protection of files shared internally and externally, including the option to track, classify and label data.
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security provides deep visibility and control of data inside cloud applications.
  • Microsoft Intune makes it easier to secure and manage iOS, Android, and Windows PCs all from one console. Deep integration with Office 365 helps keep company data secure in the Office mobile apps.

How is Microsoft EMS useful in a business?

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite will make ITs life easier as it tracks devices no matter where they carry. In short, it is designed for users those who use a range of different devices including PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

It enables users to work on their preferred device and offers access to workplace applications, data, and resources from anywhere while ensuring devices are compliant and secure.

Microsoft has spent years listening and learning from organizations around the globe and has built a solution that addresses many of the common issues found from today’s modern workforce and modern IT.

EMS is the new synonym of reliability as it provides maximum safety and security in identifying threats before they affect your business as well as it gives access to only authorized persons by encrypting files.