Service Industries

Health care

Sbase has a special package for Health care Industry and a team devoted to address the health care system requirements. We are well-equipped with the essentials necessary in delivering unsurpassed cloud services to a health care client. Sbase can also help you in migrating the existing set up to Office 365 with zero stress.


Streamline all the complex operations of health care system by transforming the conventional health care infrastructure into the Microsoft 365 cloud infrastructure. Our team of experts will work shoulder-to-shoulder with your administrators and assist them in dealing with all the aspects of Office 365 environment. In addition, we provide technical support and keep you away from all the technical issues.


Our health care Office 365 package provides the world-class back-end infrastructure powered with redundant network connections, best in class security and absolute virtual environment. Sbase architects the infrastructure that best fits your health care system requirements. We help you access the critical data using any device.



Cloud computing and Microsoft Office 365 services are extensively used in the Financial Services Industry. Cloud computing is a win-win situation for businesses of all sizes especially, the financial one. Sbase Technologies offers flexibility on all fronts such as SharePoint, Azure, and Office 365. Many financial companies are preferring cloud services for several reasons such as:


1) Mixing of data with other organizations

2) Accessibility issues

3) Regular requirements


At Sbase Technologies, we use Microsoft Dynamic CRM that helps to boost productivity of your business. We take care of your sales graph at the same time. With our end-to-end solutions, you can easily track what your customers are saying about your business, what you have been missing out on.


Sbase Technologies financial highlights include:

1) Cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions

2) Maintaining your important records safely

3) Software application hosting

4) Compliance requirements


We maintain a good relationship with our customers as we believe that ‘Customer is the king of the market’.



Sbase Technologies provides solutions for local, state or federal government agencies. We offer cost-effective solutions for all sized government bodies. With the rising demand, we notice the need of budgetary restraint, accountability to improve the performance of government services. For easy migration of operating systems, we make use of Microsoft CRM, Azure and SharePoint for building customizable apps. Our cloud-based solutions provide a central storage space for superior performance. Sbase Technologies IT professionals are dedicated to enhance the capabilities of our clients.


We provide the following services to Government agencies:

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: We have a successful track record in providing large-scale Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. This helps our Clients to save tons of dollars in administration and hardware costs.


Archiving: We understand the need of compliance requirements of government agencies. Our archiving solutions provides compliance with proper reporting and documentation for verification.


Disaster Recovery and Backup: we design applications to meet requirements of disaster recovery and backup plans, and policies.



Sbase Technologies cloud-based solutions allow educational institutions of all sizes to provide students and faculty information securely at any time and anywhere using any device. We offer educational institutions the control they need over their data with the capability to support cloud storage systems.