Why Office365

Why Office365

Why Office365

SBase Technologies is a fast growing professional Cloud and Office 365 solutions provider. We are committed in delivering better solutions to our Clients. Our simple and cost-effective cloud-based solutions empower our clientele to manage ever changing infrastructure requirements. Cloud-based solutions offered by SBase Technologies are exceptionally manageable, reliable and scalable.

Easy to use

No more struggle while dealing with the creepy tasks of managing the various admin aspects of office 365. Office 365 now provides easy to use web interface that lets you helm complete day to day admin activities with an ease. Whether it is adding a new contact or managing emails, office 365 web interface can get you things done in seconds.

Office 365 web interface is ease to learn and intuitive to use interface. To make your office experience more fun and serene office has added a list of icons, interaction panes and many other navigation components that allow you manage office activities like email, contacts, calendar and access services such as online chat, conference and text messages with zero strain.

The Salient Features of Office 365 Web Interface:

  • Manage every aspects of email with an ease and have a complete control on the message lists.
  • Keep track of all the scheduled dates and meeting at your finger tips.
  • Streamline all the events and important notes at one place.
  • Centralize all your business contacts and complete details of your client-base.
  • Systemize all your files, documents and essential content at a safe, secure and ease to access SkyDrive.


Office 365 ensures secure zone for every business, which is operating online. Whether it is a corporate, small or enterprise level business, security is the major point of concern for every business as most of the security breaches happen online. Office 365 provides many pre-eminent security features that keep you away from the worry of whether hosting content somewhere other than your own server is safe or not.

Besides office 365 security features, SBase also practices the most pre-eminent security technologies that not only make you free from the hassle of physical vulnerabilities but also protects you from the vexatious malicious threats. We practice few safe and secure activities such as in-region servers, multi factor authentication, regular backups and non-decipherable encryption algorithm which keeps your data safe while on transit and at rest.

Few Salient Features of SBase Office 365 Security Services are:

  • Document-exploit detection capability, data loss prevention and sandbox malware analysis builds finest security environment around your database.
  • IRM on Document libraries, SSLoverHTTP and Bitlocker are few common techniques we use to protect your data while on transit.
  • Regular backups that keeps you free from the hassle of losing data that may occur due inevitable situations.
  • Emails free from malicious threats and safe online file sharing environment with extraordinary sandbox malicious detectable box besides microsoft built-in antimalware feature.
  • Sync data by implementing simple data specific security policies.

Email Synchronization

Microsoft Office 365 enables you sync email accounts with multiple devices. You can now have access to your email account from anywhere. Office 365 sync feature not only synchronize your email account but also helps you sync calendar and contact details so that you can have access to up-to-date information on any device and work at your earliest agreeable time from everywhere.

With office 365 email sync feature, you can make emails more impactful by using various images and themes of your choice. Sending emails and sharing calendars may reduce the chances of missing any important business as you remain accessible all the time whether you are on-premise or away from the office.

The salient features that you enjoy with Office 365 Email Synchronization:

  • Access email account, contact, and calendar from anywhere with any device you have in hand.
  • More distinguished and impactful emails as you can apply images and themes of your choice.
  • Access admin center from anywhere and setup new email account or restore the deleted email account on the go.
  • Access emails free from all the malicious attacks in an industry-leading anti-malware and anti-spam filtering environment.

Disaster Recovery

We take care of monitoring, backups, security, migration and more so you can focus on your business.

Data loss is the worst nightmare that anyone would ever like to experience. It is an inevitable situation that can happen to anyone which may occur due to natural catastrophe or human error. Whatever may be the reason the data loss may put your business in a situation from where it may be hard to retain back.

Office 365 disaster recovery is a service that protects your business by applying various backup and disaster recovery tools. It protects your database from all types of catastrophes and help you focus more on your business goals as well.

SBase Office 365 practices multi-layer redundancy and provides constant data backups that not only minimize the possibility of data loss but also keep users away from the pain of data loss situations. We at SBase ensures fast and quick retrieval of data from any storage point along with the assurance of receiving the archives at your local storage at a regular instance from any restoration point.

Disaster Recovery Features that you Enjoy with SBase office 365 Service are:

  • Run automatic incremental backups on selected mailboxes, files, document or on complete data backups.
  • Set one-time backups or configure the programs to take the incremental backups at a regular interval like weekly or monthly.
  • Restore data based on point-in-time feature means restoring data to any previously known state with absolute accuracy.
  • Get constant yet extensive summary report of your backup activities.
  • Easy drill-down based on specified keyword and non-destructive restoration of critical business data.
  • SBase backup service for office 365 offers limitless storage for backup copies.


Now stay one click away from your business. Office 365 keeps you connect with what you think is important to run the business successfully. Using office 365 you can collaborate with your staff, clients and access all the business critical information from anywhere with any device.

Office 365 mobile subscription allows you access files from anywhere and provides ample amount of space to store any number of files on the drive. With office 365, you can access, store, share and edit documents from everywhere. OneDrive, DropBox and SharePoint are few on the go file hosting services that help you access business critical files within few clicks.

The Salient Features of Office 365 Mobile are:

  • Stay connect with your business all the time from anywhere at any time
  • Anytime access, share and edit documents on OneDrive and Dropbox for business.
  • Wipe out data on selected device remotely using any device from anywhere.