Banking industry is leading the digital journey across other industry sectors. It is no more a question of being at the inflection point. With intense competition from technologies like Block chain and Fintechs fast becoming game changing intermediaries, Banks have to re-invent themselves. It is about perform or perish.

SBase has a cumulative leadership experience of over 50 person years with its consultants, leadership teams having been from the Banking / IT industry and led multi year transformation projects / product implementations and innovation led initiatives.

We work with Banks not just as a vendor but more as a strategic partner. Our intent and ability to share risks and rewards, help Banks to optimize resource utilization, build just-in time capacity, invest in delivering outcome driven projects have helped us create a niche for ourselves.

Our capabilities from a domain perspective span across Payments, Core Banking, Credit, API driven Open Banking and Regulatory compliance. Across these domains, we offer managed services, 3rd party product implementation, digital transformation consulting and Cyber Security services.