Key Points to Consider While Migrating to Microsoft’s Office 365

Key Points to Consider While Migrating to Microsoft’s Office 365

Nowadays, it’s becoming increasingly popular to migrate from existing solution to Office 365 among the organizations irrespective of its sizes that include both the large and small. If you too on this way then here are the key points to consider while migrating to Microsoft’s Office 365.

The positive side of switching from existing environment to the new Office 365 is to reap its huge compelling benefits. Moreover, it’s user-friendly and keeps on improving the functions constantly.

Though it’s so captivating, there are few points to consider before switching your organization to the Office 365 Migration.

Top-notch Security

Shifting your data to the cloud doesn’t have to mean exposing your business to risk. Explore for solutions that minimize the identity information copied to the cloud, provide a deep policy to block unauthorized access, and provide multi-factor authentication and integrated device management to further protect your data no matter where it’s accessed from.

Data Migration

Search for a software, which allows hybrid mode as some mailboxes remain on-premises while others migrate to the cloud. This is one of the ways to switch your data from your own time frame and test as you go.


Although Office 365 licensing constitutes many options, it is fairly straightforward when it comes to the licensing. On the other side, users need different levels of license based on the usage. Users have to make sure that they can easily track license consumption and availability to simplify true-ups and save costs.

Account Synchronization

Account Synchronization is nothing but keeping user information in sync in multiple places like on-premises Active Directory and Office 365 Migration and Management. It’s better and easy to look for software, which supports proxy authentication requests from Microsoft’s Office 365 than dealing with sync frequency. Remember, the best software or solution must be simple to install and secure to keep the data.

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