Microsoft Identity Management

SBase is a reliable Microsoft identity management implementation service provider in the market. Our consulting team on Microsoft identity management platform includes highly skilled architects, developers and technicians who can easily plan efficient identity management implementation strategies for small, medium and enterprise businesses of any size.


We help in analyzing, identifying and understanding the unique requirements of storing the digital information of the organization. We help you plan strategic approach to implement the Microsoft identity management service as per the needs of the organization. We can synchronize the digital identities, credentials and other associated sensitive data of an employee with the active directory and manage the entire data throughout the membership of an employee within the organization.


Though we provide a cloud based identity management software, our identity management solution maintains complete control on the privacy of profiles, account information and complete credentials of an organization. The complex yet reliable network security environment helps users to access and update profiles using self-service portals without a hassle of losing the data to hackers. Our cloud based identity management solution addresses the following key challenges of identity management:


  • Collect, store and transfer user identity credentials including password over the internet securely.
  • Able to integrate and synchronize identity data with the range of directories, databases and applications.
  • Protect identity information by using Microsoft identity manager and by enforcing the credential information policy which can be propagated across all the directories.
  • Able to redefine the access privileges and manage admin security as per the needs of the organization.