A rapidly growing Southeastern Chamber of Commerce struggled with balancing the financial constraints of a non-profit organization, demands of its members, with the needs of its employees to operate in a stable, reliable, safe IT environment in which to operate on a day-to-day basis. The Chamber had surpassed the point where an ad-hoc, and reactionary approach needed to be replaced with a proactive approach to IT infrastructure and security.


The Chamber of Commerce needed to support its employees and member organizations with a reliable IT infrastructure and data center that is safe, secure, responsive and free of SPAM, and the potential of network intrusions. Ultimately, the Chamber balance providing effective support to a growing number of employees and locations while with its limited not-for-profit budget.


A full time, on-site staff member with a comprehensive set of skills and the ability to reach back into SBase Technologies for added support, as needed.

  • Remote and on-site firewall management
  • Remote and on-site technical support of users
  • Remote and on-site network monitoring
  • Liaison and procurement services with telecommunications vendors, software vendors and hardware vendors.
    • Determining new hardware and software requirements
    • Obtaining quotes for purchase
    • Installation and Maintenance
  • On-site management of Antivirus software
  • Anti-Spam filtering for all users
  • Technical support of associated entity users
  • Support of Windows servers for all outlets (backups, updates, etc.)
  • Support of Cisco routers, switches, and Etherswitch modules.
  • Support of Cisco Linux servers and VoIP equipment
  • Support RoKu devices at kiosks (digital signage)
  • Blackberry/Blackberry Enterprise Server support
  • Wireless router support


By outsourcing the management of their I.T. infrastructure resources to SBase Technologies, the Chamber of Commerce was able to secure their network infrastructure and receive the support needed to allow network operations to flow smoothly and efficiently. The Chamber was able to benefit from knowledgeable, highly-technical I.T. staff that were able to step in and begin resolving issues immediately, and also received support from the SBase Virtual Team. SBase Technologies continues to provide these resources to ensure the Chamber’s infrastructure remains operationally secure and responds appropriately to developing business needs.